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I love the work AZDeveloper did on my TBAnow.com website! I am thrilled that I can either have them make changes for me or do some of the changes myself, easily. This was my first website, and Rich was extremely patient with me and helped me through the process. I highly recommend AZDeveloper, and I am truly grateful for their creativity and support!
Susan O'Daniel
Educator, Speaker, Author at TBA Now

AZDeveloper did a great job! This is our first website and we didn’t know what to expect. They take care of everything which is great becuase I have other responsibilities and don't want to learn how to manage a website. The success of our new site has been beyond our expectations. We receive complements daily from people who visit our site. We could not have asked for a better design. You should definitely consider AZDeveloper if you are planning on building a website.
Sarah Borland
Office Manager at Alan J. Merril, D.D.S.

Rich is very dedicated and brings technical expertise, passion and personal integrity to difficult projects such as ours. He was instumental in developing a new emerging technology, without him would have been inferior. I recommend his work without reservation.
Michael Smith
Group Manager at Asset Technology Inc.

Rich is a dedicated professional and a self motivated individual. He is a pleasure to work with and stays focused on his tasks. He is intelligent and courteous and has the patience to explain and teach those around him.
Pat Palmieri
Managing Partner at Real Advice LLC

Rich is a brilliant web programmer who is master of all trades. He's got a great eye for design, is great at database architecture, is a fast, detailed and effective programmer, and a great communicator. His projects are always higher quality than you even guessed it could be--on time. A real asset!
Dean Householder
Project Manager at Adoption Media, LLC

Rich has an in-depth understanding of Internet technology and anything computer related. If it can be done, Rich can help get your idea moving forward.
Damon Martineau
Internet Marketing Manager at DevNet